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Conservatory roofs

Conservatory roofs conversions means joining the rapidly growing number of homeowners across the UK enjoying the beauty, elegance and performance of Warmer Roof solutions.

Our conservatory roofs are design to be used on new extensions or as a replacement to your existing conservatory roof. They feature a superb U-Value of 0.14Wm2K for excellent thermal efficiency. 

A highly insulated Warmer Roof will transform your home, adding value to your property and provide usable living space all year round.

The ‘Warm Roof’ design was conceived through the use of a unique modular pod system. It is pre-fabricated to speed up installation time and minimise disruption on site. The robust timber framework combats the risk of condensation in a way that aluminium structures can not. This prevents issues in years to come giving total piece of mind.

All structural and building regulations are achieved thanks to careful design and engineering. The warm roof has been extensively tested and certified to ensure it not only complies with but exceeds the current building regulation requirements for both structural and thermal performance.

Finished off externally with lightweight tiles, available in a wide range of colours to match your existing home. A clean internal plastered finish with optional spot lights and opening vents will make your new room no longer feel like a conservatory but a part of your home.


Reduce energy bills and stay comfortable all year round

Conservatories are great places to entertain, relax and enjoy the garden on colder days, but they can lose a lot of heat through the roof. Investing in a strong, warmer roof will both keep you comfortable and dramatically reduce your energy bills. 

Our energy efficient conservatory roofs also won’t make you overheat in the summer; they can actually help regulate the temperature to keep you comfortable all year round. All in all, a properly insulated conservatory roof is an affordable and worthwhile investment for any property.


An exceptional U-Value of

0.14Wm2K helps keep your

conservatory cool during the

summer and retains heat during

the winter.


The Warmer Roof has been tested

and certified by Assent Building

Control Ltd, an accredited national

building control approvals agency.


Our unique, pre-fabricated

modular pod system ensures

a speedy installation with minimal

disruption to your home and garden.


No construction material offers more

environmental benefits than timber,

and all of our timber is sourced from

responsible companies with sustainable

forest regeneration programmes.


M ake it your own with a choice

of external and internal finishes

such as soffit and pelmet details,

roof glazing and tile options.


Fancy a change? Our specialist

in-house design team will re-design

your conservatory roof from scratch.

My Room Warm Roof Before and After


Why choose a warmer roof?

The idea of replacing your conservatory roof can be daunting: what if you end up with no roof and a room open to the elements for weeks on end? But worry not. Our roof conversions take just 2 to 3 days, so you or your customer can go back to enjoying the conservatory in no time.

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fully insulated roofs

Our roofs are all fully insulated with an impressive U-value of 0.14Wm2. That means they’re great at regulating the temperature all year round. We use timber frames during the construction process, which have been found to prevent condensation in a way that aluminium structures can’t. All of that means you can say goodbye to the risk of damp in your roof.

All work is completed in line with building regulation requirements, and we use lightweight, tiled, or flat timber framed roofs to make the conservatory a room that can be used and enjoyed all year round.

Your roof can be completely tailored to you or your customer’s requirements, so get in touch today to find out more and get a quote.